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Introduction: 1-2 sentences outlining main argument with the different factors, possibly mention poems by name
middle paragraphs 3 or 4 of these
middle paragraphs Use a Blake poem as the main focus of the paragraph
middle paragraphs Begin by introducing Blake poem with brief summary/nutshell/message, then say one quick thing about structure to get it in.
middle paragraphs for average size writing, the essay would be minimum 3 sides. There are 3 main paragraphs, so each paragraph needs to be basically a page long. Phew!
middle paragraphs This is a possible template: Blake poem introduce + structure Blake poem 2 substantial quotes Unseen Poetry compare Blake poem illuminate or x-ref + quote critic or soc/hist context
middle paragraphs Of course, if you think of 4 substantial enough points, then fine, do 4 points. To make the essay minimum 3 pages, each paragraph needs to be about 3/4 of a page.
Conclusion 1 or 2 sentences, almost a reiteration of the introduction
Conclusion Concise statement of final argument/thought
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