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Marine Processes

These include: Waves and currents Geology Sea Level Changes Human Activity and the Increased Use of Coastal Engineering WaveThere are 2 main different types of wave. These are constructive and destructive waves. There are some terms that you should know when discussing waves: Swash is the movement of water up the beach. Fetch is the amount of open water over which a wave has passed.

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Longshore Drift This causes deposition

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There are many different types of erosion carried out by waves. Hydraulic Action-When air enters a crack in a cliff face. A wave then hits it and forces the air to expand. This cause expansion of the hole. Abrasion-The process of a braking waving throwing materials against a cliff face. Attrition-Broken material is worn down by by smaller, much rounder material. Solution-When limestone and chalk are slowly dissolved in acidic water. Features of Erosion

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