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the structure of the earth:1. oceanic crust + continental crust2. mantle3. outer crust4. inner crust5. core

how earthquakes can be measures:either the Richter scale or the Mercalli scaleRichter Scale- the total amount of energy released.Mercalli Scale- the amount of damage.

the factors that effect the strength of an earthquake:????????????????????

BIRTHRATE- number of babies born per 1000 people in the population per year

DEATHRATE- number of people dying per 1000 people in the population per year.

IMMIGRATION- the movement of people into a country.

EMIGRATION- the movement of people out of the country.

NATURAL CHANGE-tells us if a population is going up or down

the problems with an ageing population: too much money going to them through our taxes. health care and the NHS. busses and train fares are free. pensions . workforce. not enough money to but thing so that the working population is going out of business.

the problems with a youthful population: less education children are more likely to die before there 1st birthday pay more child benefits

why some people migrate:to get a better life for them and there family.

NON-RENEWABLE gas coal iron core oil nuclear power limestone aluminium silver

RENEWABLE- wind energy solar power tidal energy water

SUSTAINABLE- chicken milk rice paper wood hydrogen fuel bio-gas bio-fuel

sustainable- these resources can be used and then changed by man to make them live longer

Renewable- they will not run out

non-renewable- these will run out one day

Plate Tectonics

Population and Migration


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