DNA, the Genetic Material


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What is DNA? From CK-12: DNA, the Genetic MaterialDNA makes up chromosomes and stores genetic material to be passed down to offspring or code for replacing specific cells when damaged.Acts as a blueprint (the technical drawings that show how to correctly make a building or a car)Information that tells your cells what to do.DNA is short for deoxyribonucleic acidNucleic acids store information and deoxy refers to the sugars that help make the chain. Really long chain of nucleotides.Nucleotides are made of three things: a 5-carbon sugar a phosphate group, and a nitrogen-containing base (T, A, C, or G) Your genetic code is based on the sequence of these bases.The bases pair up, known as base pairs, according to their shape.Cytosine + GuanineThymine + AdenineTCGATTAACGCTCTAGTC would pair up with...AGCTAATTGCGAGATCAG as their base pairs would indicate.Each of these base pairs is held together by a hydrogen bond, not a bomb.

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