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Book 4 - Menelaus and Helen                 - Telemachus and Peisistratus go to Lacedaemon to speak to Menelaus who is currently entertaining because of the impending weddings of his son and daughter.                 - A lord at Menelaus’ palace sees the two boys and asks Menelaus whether to let them in or send them away.                                 -Menelaus tells him to let them in (xenia)                 - After xenia has been fulfilled Menelaus talks about his travel home, the death of Agamemnon and Odysseus.                 - Helen enters and recognises Telemachus as Odysseus’ son.                 - Menelaus tells them of the last time e saw Odysseus causing all to weep.                 - Helen puts a drug in their wine that had the power of robbing grief and anger, and banishing all painful memories.                                 - Helen tells them of how smart was and how it was him that help to save her from the Trojans.                                 - Menelaus agree of Odysseus’ wisdom                 - After sleeping Menelaus asks Telemachus of his purpose in Lacedaemon                                 - Telemachus replies saying that he was wondering if Menelaus knew of Odysseus’ whereabouts and tells him about the suitors at his palace.                                 - Menelaus is disgusted to hear of the suitors and believes Odysseus will kill them.      

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