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According to cued speech is for deaf, hard of hearing or people who have language / communication disorders.The users of cued speech that have language or communication disorders may have one or more of these disorders: auditory neuropathy / dys-synchrony autism apraxia cerebral palsy deaf-blindness developmental disabilities learning disabilities Cued speech was created for the use of families of children who are deaf or hard of hearing."Special Populations." National Cued Speech Association. N.p., n.d. Web. 13 Dec. 2001. .

Training/Certification:-People have been certified by Testing, Evaluation, and Certification Unit (, which gives the Cued Language Transliterator National Certification  Examination (CLTNCE). -There are also workshops you can take to stay on updated on new information.


Cued Speech can be used in conjunction with aural/oral, auditory/verbal, and/or signing approaches. It can be used to develop literacy skills in children with a variety of learning needs. Physical Constraints of Interpreter's using Cued Speech Execution of the act of cueing is subject to some requirements that depend on the proportions of the cuer's body. In order that cueing shall be as consistent as possible for each cuer, that fatigue shall be minimized, and that readability of Cued Speech shall be enhanced, the following specifications should be met: The Apropriate Arm Posture and the Side Placement The mouth, chin, and throat placementsThe importance of consistent touchingAcquiring, and maintaining consistent synchronization Execution of HandshapesThe Timing Movements Touching at the Apropriate Cue Placements

A type of sign language that uses hand movements combined with mouth shapes to communicate to the hearing impaired.


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