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Macbeth characters and basic description of them
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Macbeth thane of Cawdor a brave and valiant soldier Has many weakness like: being indecisive, often ask too many questions, starts to see visions unsure of himself
Lady Macbeth wife to Macbeth and is a strong character: ambitious often manipulates husband calculating can remain in control powerful deranged
Banquo Macbeth's close friend: good at avoiding temptations gets suspicious presented as a very brave and completely loyal soldier
King Duncan king at the start of the play: presented as a strong ruler, perceptive, and knows that you can't always tell who is a traitor, respected by everyone
The 3 Witches introduce the play and control the mysterious forces of the world, tells future of the world for tells Macbeth's destiny
Macduff Is a lord, eventually kills Macbeth because of "unborn natural" He is seen as completely loyal to Duncan and his country He is brave, swearing to investigate the murder and he doesn't go to see Macbeth crowned. His family is killed by lead character
Malcom Son of Macduff: named as the Prince of Cumberland, so will inherit the throne from his father. runs away before getting murdered and convinces Macduff to
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