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Atmospheric Pressure is measured using a Barometer It is measured in millibars  Lines on a weather map showing areas of equal pressure are called Isobars

Humidity is measured using a Hygrometer A common type of hygrometer is a wet and dry bulb thermometer It is expressed as a %. 100% is the maximum

The Greenhouse Effect occurs naturally When sun shines it heats up the earth Some of the heat gets trapped in gases in the atmosphere It is a positive thing because without the Greenhouse Effect the earth would be too cold for us to live on

Carbon dioxide and methane are Greenhouse gases in the atmosphere The amount of these gases has increased a lot in recent years Therefore, more of the sun's heat is being trapped in the atmosphere This is making the earth warmer. This is called Global Warming

Causes of Global Warming

There is a big increase in the amount of Carbon dioxide in the atmosphere People are burning more fossil fuels, oil, coal, gas Tropical rainforests are being cut down. Trees absorb CO2 and so less trees means more CO2 in the atmosphere There are more CFCs in the atmosphere. These are bad gases which trap lots of the sun's heat.

Effects of Global Warming

Global warming will create many problems for people in the near future. These include: The Polar ice caps will melt causing sea levels to rise Low lying countries or regions may be flooded Some parts of the world will become drier.It will be more difficult for farmers to grow crops This may lead to drought and desertification However, it may also bring some positive things. Some countries that are now cold may become warmer, allowing more crops to be grown

Solutions to Global Warming

If we want to stop the problem of global warming there are a number of things we need to do. These include: Stop using fossil fuels such as coal and oil Use more renewable energy sources such as wind, wave and solar power Reduce Deforestation - Plant more forests and stop cutting down the forests we have Encourage energy conservation - Save energy at home by using less electric items and walk/cycle instead of using cars or buses 

The Weather

The Greenhouse Effect

Global Warming

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