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IMPORTANT SPAIN FACTS... The capital of Spain is Madrid. The currency of Spain is Euro; the rest of Spain has the currency of Euro as well. Population is about 46,000,000 people. At one time Spain became a "superpower" in the 16th century. This was probably because of the wealth gained from going to the New World. 

Picture of a place in Madrid, Spain.

Picture of Spain and its important places.

WHY DID THE SPANISH GO AND CONQUER NEW PLACES...The 3 G's...Gold- They wanted to get rich. For example, they could want to find gold.God- They wanted to do something in the name of God. For example, if they wanted to convert a group of people to Christianity.Glory - They wanted to get famous. For instance, the Spanish could conquer because their country would consider them a hero when he returned to his country.

Reason for Exploration: Gold

Reason for Exploration: God

Reason for Exploration: Glory

THE RULE OF THE MOORS... The Moors ruled from 711 A.D.- 1492. Christopher Columbus (Cristibal Colòn in Spanish) went to King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella for permission to go to find a new route to India. They accepted his offer even though he was a foreigner from Genoa, Italy. In 1492, the Moors (The Muslims) were kicked out (Columbus also left on his voyage.)

FRANCISCO FRANCO... Ruled from 1939-1975 Was a military general and dictator. Spanish Civil War lasted from 1936-1939 Due to General Franco's little action towards the war, 350,000 people in Spain died.  Finally, Juan Carlos I became the king of Spain and Spain became a monarchy.(1975-Present day)

SPAIN'S MOST COMMON SPORTS...#1 Bullfighting- This sport originated in Spain. A holiday called Pamplona. People are chased into a stadium by bulls. WARNING: THIS IS A DANGEROUS SPORT.   #2 Football (Soccer)- Spain takes part in the Olympics for soccer.  #3 Basketball

FAMOUS PAINTERS...Pablo Picasso- Lived 1881-1973- Famous Spanish PainterFrancisco Goya- Lived 1746-1828- Spanish romantic painter and sculpter

One of Goya's earliest paintings

One of Picasso's paintings

The people celebrating Pamplona were red because that is the color that makes the bulls want to fight.  

One of the most popular dances in Spain is Flamenco.

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Spanish Civil War

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