Question: To show that photosynthesis produces Starch


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Question: Outline an experiment to show that photosynthesis produces starch.   2012, Question 2, (b), (ii)

Answer: Apparatus Used:  Beaker, Hot Plate, Test Tube, White Tile, Forceps, Methylated Spirits, Iodine Solution, Leaf (From a Photosynthesising Plant)  

Explanation: Method:  Set up the Apparatus, a beaker filled with water on a hot plate. Dip the leaf in the boiling water for 1 minute. Place the leaf in some methylated spirits in a test tube. Place the test tube into the boiling water until the leaf turns white. Use the forceps to move the leaf up and down. Remove the leaf and rinse it in the hot water to soften it. Spread the leaf on a white tile and cover it with drops of iodine. If starch is present, the iodine will turn blue-black. This proves photosynthesis has occured.

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