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Act 1: The Birling family and Gerald Croft are celebrating engagement between Sheila and Gerald. Mr Birling makes speech about capitalism and talks about the Titanic and about how the war isn't going to happen. He calls socialists 'cranks'. (pg.10) Mr Goole (The Inspector) interrupts them and makes enquiries about Eva Smith. Mr Birling is shown the photograph, he admits she used to work for him but sacked her as she was a leader of a strike for higher wages. Sheila and Eric think that Mr Birling was wrong for what he did, but Gerald supports him. Sheila is shown the photograph. Remembers she had her sacked from Milwards as she was jealous that Eva looked better in a dress than she did. The Inspector stated that Eva Smith changed her name to Daisy Renton and Gerald shows signs that he also has known her. The Inspector says that there are many people responsible for her suicide. Sheila tells Gerald not to hide anything from the Inspector.

Act 2: Gerald confesses he met Daisy Renton the previous year in spring and was his mistress for 6 months. Sheila is happy Gerald told the truth, however she still feels hurt and angry. Mrs Birling tries to take control of the events. Sheila believes the Inspector and realises that her Mother may be involved in this as well. Mrs Birling is forced to admit the girl asked for help from her charity and she refused. It's revealed the girl was pregnant. Mrs Birling blames the the baby and Eva's death on the Father. It is suspected that Eric is the Father.

Act 3: Eric admits he got Eva pregnant and stole his Father's money to help her. Eric blames his Mother once he learns she asked her for help and she refused. The Inspector makes a speech about consequences of one's actions that Mr Birling was preaching about at the start of the play. The Inspector then leaves. Mr Birling and Gerald eventually prove that the Inspector wasn't a real Inspector. They call the Chief Constable who confirms there is no Inspector Goole on police force. They call the infirmary which also confirms there has been no suicide. Eric and Sheila still feel guilt, however, everyone else shrugs it off. The telephone rings. Mr Birling answers. A young girl has just dies on her was to the infirmary. AN Inspector is on his way to make enquires.

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