Core 1.2 Evaluative Processes


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T Andrews
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Core 1.2 Evaluative Processes
  1. 1.2.2 Future Scenarios
    1. Natural disasters
      1. Medical advances
        1. Travel
          1. Global warming
            1. Communication
            2. 1.2.3 Ethical Perspectives
              1. Where made
                1. Made by
                  1. Who benefits
                    1. Fair Trade products
                    2. 1.2.4 Environmental Perspectives
                      1. Materials used
                        1. Life cycle analysis (LCA)
                          1. Energy usage
                            1. Manufacture
                              1. Transortation
                              2. Carbon footprint
                              3. 1.2.1 New and Emerging Technologies
                                1. Manufacturing capabilities
                                  1. Consumer
                                    1. Budget constraints
                                      1. Materials
                                        1. Timescale
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