Spelling, punctuation and grammar in English


A slide set containing short animated video lessons and associated quizzes to help learners learn key spelling rules and strategies, understand basic punctuation marks in English and develop a better knowledge of English grammar.
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    Punctuation: Two interactive resources
    Knowing when to use the right punctuation mark is an important part of being able to write well. Punctuation marks not only aid the meaning of your writing but they can also be used to create meaning.To develop your understanding of punctuation marks in English and how to use them effectively, please click on the resources opposite.Please start with 'Perfect Punctuation' 

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    Grammar: how to use language correctly
    Grammar, as a notion, covers ideas about the correct way to use language.. It comes last in this resource as it involves spelling and punctuation along with the ability to structure sentences effectively and organise your writing into paragraphs.Correct use of grammar is a key area that is assessed in English. The reason for this is that, if your writing is grammatically incorrect, it can be very difficult to express ideas clearly and anyone reading your writing will have a hard time understanding what you are trying to communicate.To improve your knowledge and understanding of English grammar, please click on the resources opposite.
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