46. People Can't Actually Multitask


Mind Map on 46. People Can't Actually Multitask, created by Lorena Munoz on 09/03/2017.
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Lorena Munoz
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46. People Can't Actually Multitask
  1. Only one task at the time
    1. Switching back and forth in between tasks is not multitasking
      1. simultaneous physical and mental activities are possible
        1. walking + talking = less attention to surroundings
        2. in the US is illegal to drive while holding a cell phone but you can have a hands-free phone
          1. the distraction is the conversation not the phone
          2. Young people do no multitask better than older people
            1. young people are distracted more easily
            2. asking people to multitask is not a good idea
              1. if you do expect mistakes
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