NEW: ExamTime's Mind Map Maker


Take a look at the new ways you can design your Mind Maps on ExamTime with our latest feature enhancements. Try for yourself by clicking the "create" button.
Andrea Leyden
Mind Map by Andrea Leyden, updated more than 1 year ago
Andrea Leyden
Created by Andrea Leyden about 9 years ago

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NEW: ExamTime's Mind Map Maker
  1. Just Got Better!
    1. More Possibilities!
      1. WOW!!!
      2. New Shapes!
        1. New Color Palettes
          1. Modern
            1. Pastel
              1. Original
              2. New Fonts
                1. Arial
                  1. Coming Soon
                    1. LatoRegular
                      1. OpenSans
                      2. Choose a Background Color!
                        1. Undo!
                          1. And Redo...
                          2. Select all nodes at once
                            1. Apply colour to Outline only
                              1. Or to the whole node

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