Models For Explaining Human Memory


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Models For Explaining Human Memory
  1. Atkinson-Shiffrin's Multi-Store Model of Memory
    1. Sensory-STM-LTM
      1. Sensory Memory
        1. Iconic Memory (Sperling)
          1. Echoic Memory
          2. STM (Working Memory)
            1. Increase Duration
              1. Maintenance Rehearsal
                1. Elaborative Rehearsal
                2. Chunking
                  1. Serial Position Effect
                    1. Primary Effect
                      1. Recency Effect
                      2. Forgetting
                        1. Decay
                          1. Displacement
                        2. Structural Features
                          1. Control Processes
                            1. Attention
                              1. Rehearsal
                                1. Retrieval
                              2. Baddeley and Hitch's Model of Working Memory
                                1. The Phonological Loop
                                  1. The Visuo-Spatial Sketchpad
                                    1. The Central Executive
                                      1. The Episodic Buffer
                                      2. Lockhart and Craik Levels of Processing Framework
                                        1. Shallow Processing
                                          1. Deep Processing
                                          2. Long Term Memory
                                            1. Declarative Memory (Explicit Memory)
                                              1. Semantic Memory (Fact)
                                                1. Episodic Memory (Events)
                                                2. Procedural Memory (Implicit Memory)
                                                  1. Explicit Memory
                                                    1. Implicit Memory
                                                      1. Semantic Network Theory
                                                        1. Spreading Activation
                                                      2. Encoding-Storage-Retrieval
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