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Resource summary

  1. exams
    1. practice sources
      1. textbook
        1. revision guide
          1. do past papers
          2. mind maps
            1. time lines
              1. q&a
                1. tips
                  1. past & mistakes
                    1. answer structures
                      1. clarification
                    2. class to class
                      1. print resources before beginning unit
                        1. type up notes after each class
                          1. thursday to sunday: cornell notes of book & textbook notes
                            1. summary foldables
                              1. dates
                                1. people
                                  1. vocab
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                                CUBAN MISSILE CRISIS
                                Olivia Andrews
                                Germany 1918-39
                                Cam Burke
                                Weimar Revision
                                Tom Mitchell
                                GCSE History – Social Impact of the Nazi State in 1945
                                Ben C
                                Conferences of the Cold War
                                Alina A
                                The Berlin Crisis
                                Alina A
                                Bay of Pigs Invasion : April 1961
                                Alina A
                                History- Medicine through time key figures
                                Hitler and the Nazi Party (1919-23)
                                Adam Collinge
                                History- Religion and medicine
                                Using GoConqr to study History
                                Sarah Egan