GRE Biology (Organismal) Overview


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GRE Biology (Organismal) Overview
  1. Animal Structure, Function and Organization (10%)
    1. Exchange with environment
      1. Internal transport and exchange
        1. Support and movement
          1. Integration and control mechanisms
            1. Behavior
              1. Metabolic rates
              2. Animal Reproduction and Development (6%)
                1. Early development
                  1. Developmental processes
                    1. Meiosis, gametogenesis and fertilization
                      1. Reproductive structures
                        1. External control mechanisms
                        2. Plant Structure, Function and Organization, with Emphasis on Flowering Plants (7%)
                          1. Water transport, including absorption and transpiration
                            1. Organs, tissue systems, and tissues
                              1. Phloem transport and storage
                                1. Mineral nutrition
                                  1. Plant energetics
                                  2. Plant Reproduction, Growth and Development, with Emphasis on Flowering Plants (5%)
                                    1. Reproductive structures
                                      1. Meiosis and sporogenesis
                                        1. Gametogenesis and fertilization
                                          1. Embryogeny and seed development
                                            1. Meristems, growth, morphogenesis and differentiation
                                              1. Control mechanisms
                                              2. Diversity of Life (6%)
                                                1. Protista & Fungi
                                                  1. Animalia with emphasis on major phyla
                                                    1. Archaea & Bacteria
                                                      1. Plantae with emphasis on major phyla
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