Th1L03 Proteins


Medicine Y1 (Theme 1 | Cells and organelles) Mind Map on Th1L03 Proteins, created by Emma Allde on 15/08/2016.
Emma Allde
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Emma Allde
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Th1L03 Proteins
  1. Properties
    1. Primary sequence of amino acids encoded by DNA
      1. Amino acid sequence define the structure and function of proteins
      2. Types of proteins
        1. Globular
          1. Fibrillar
          2. Structural proteins
            1. Collagen
              1. Keratin
              2. Transport proteins
                1. Haemoglobin
                  1. Transferin
                    1. Sodium/potassium pump
                      1. Receptor proteins
                        1. Typsin
                          1. DNA polymerase
                          2. Hormone proteins
                            1. Insulin
                            2. Defense proteins
                              1. Antibodies, clotting proteins
                              2. Gene regulating proteins
                                1. Histones
                                  1. Tubulin (chromosome sorting protein)
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