Weimar & Nazi Germany?


This is about German and Nazi Germany!
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When did Hitler become chancellor of Germany? In January 1933
What happens to trade unions in May 1933? Trade unions are abolished and their leaders arrested.
When did the political Parties get banned? In 1933. Apart from the Nazi party.
What does Anti-Semitism mean? The hatred of Jews!
What is the Article 48? Part of the Weimar Constitution, giving the President special powers to rule in a crisis. Used by Chancellors to rule when they had no majority in the Reichstag - and therefore an undemocratic precedent for Hitler.
What is an Aryan Someone who belongs to the European type race. To the Nazis this meant especially non-Jewish and they looked for the ideal characteristics of fair hair, blue eyes...
What is a chancellor? Like the Prime Minister - the man who is the chief figure in the government,
The left wing. Those who believe in radical change in society, usually to improve the lot of the working classes. e.g. Socialists
Weimer. Where the new constitution for Germany after World War I was decided (Berlin being too dangerous). Gave its name to the Republican system of government from 1919 until the Nazi take-over in 1933.
War guilt. One of the clauses of the Versailles Treaty - which Germany was forced to sign - declared that Germany was responsible for the First World War (and therefore had to pay reparations).
What is the trade union? Organisation which campaigns for the rights of workers - for pay and working conditions.
What are the storm troopers? ‘Sturmabteilung’ (= Storm troops). The Nazis’ army of thugs used to intimidate rivals. Merged into the police in 1933. Called ‘Brownshirts’. Leaders purged in ‘Night of the Long Knives’.
Right-wing. Those who stand for order and authority and who are usually resisting change. e.g. Nationalists & Conservatives.
Reichstag. The German Parliament.
Reichstag Fire. 27 February 1933. Used by the Nazis to crush the Communists and force through the ‘Enabling Law’.
Nationalist Party. Party which opposed the Weimar Constitution for much of its existence. Believed in a strong Germany - as before defeat in 1918. Formed alliances with Nazis after 1929 - shared in Jan 1933 government.
Infallibility Someone or something that cannot fail, always right. In this case Hitler. Also claimed by Popes and History teachers.
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