Story of Water's Journey


one water molecules journey.
Joseph Nugent
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Story of Water's Journey
  1. Frozen in the ice of the Yukon River.
    1. Melted in the mouth of the sled dog;
      1. Released by the howl of the dog's as water vapor
        1. Flung to Smokey Mountains , cooled, formed Stratus cloud.
          1. Condensed into water droplet on Kudzu vine.
            1. Combined with other droplets and formed a stream
              1. Flowed into mouth of a cave.
                1. Naïve boy filled canteen, then dumped it back into underground stream.
                  1. Perculated for a hundred years as groundwater.
                    1. Flowed into a well
                      1. Pulled up by boy in a bucket.
                        1. dumped on a thirsty petunia.
                          1. Transpired by leaf of the petunia.
                            1. Returns to water vapor in the sky. heading to the North.
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