Ghost Dances and Nutcracker Similarities and Differences


A ghost dances and nutcracker mind map for GCSE Dance of the similarities and differences.
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Ghost Dances and Nutcracker Similarities and Differences
  1. Similarities
    1. Staging - Proscenium
      1. Very defined characters
        1. Both telling a story
        2. Ghost Dances
          1. Choreographer - Christopher Bruce
            1. Company- Rambert Dance Company
              1. First Performance - 3 July 1981
                1. Dance Style - A blend of contemporary (Graham-influenced) and balled with elements of folk and social styles
                  1. Theme - Political Oppression in Chile
                    1. Starting point - The music and south American culture
                      1. Structure - 7 sections, each have different song/music
                        1. Dancers - 5 Women, 6 Men
                          1. Lighting - Nick Chelton Gloomy and shadowy, side lighting highlights the ghosts. Brighten for folk-type dances performed by the dead. Lighting changes show death
                            1. Costume - Belinda Scarlett Ghosts wear wigs and rags and have skull-like masks and painted bodies to suggest bones and muscles. the dead wear gender specific clothing to show their different walks of life, all are unique
                              1. Set - Christopher Bruce The painted backdrop represents a rocky cave like opening. in the distance there is water and mountains . There are rock-like structures on stage
                              2. Nutcracker
                                1. Choreographer - Matthew Bourne
                                  1. Company - Adventures in Motion pictures (Now called New Adventures)
                                    1. First Performance - August 1992
                                      1. Dance Style - Contemporary and balletic. Exaggerated but realistic use of features
                                        1. Choreographic Style - Reworking of a traditional ballet. Narrative and comic. Influenced by film and theatre. Close relationship between dance and music
                                          1. Theme - Original Nutcracker story, retold with references to adolescence, escapism, fantasy, and satire
                                            1. Starting point - Classical ballet and music. Images of Victorian childhood
                                              1. Structure - 2 acts, 9 episodes
                                                1. Dancers - 24, male & female
                                                  1. Accompaniment - Tchaikovsky Classical and orchestral
                                                    1. Costume - Anthony Ward Colourful and over the top to show characters. Cultural influences and literal references to sweets
                                                      1. Lighting - Howard Harrison Theatrical, Helps to create atmosphere
                                                        1. Set - Anthony Ward Partly realistic but larger then life and cartoon-like. Act 1 is dull orphanage but Act 2, entered by a large mouth, represents sweetie land
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