Nutcraker Set Design


GCSE Dance (nutcracker) Mind Map on Nutcraker Set Design, created by Tamara Lancaster on 17/03/2016.
Tamara Lancaster
Mind Map by Tamara Lancaster, updated more than 1 year ago
Tamara Lancaster
Created by Tamara Lancaster over 8 years ago

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Nutcraker Set Design
  1. Prep for a visit (1st)
    1. 3 beds- unsymetrical balance allows focus onto wardrobe
      1. Grey colouring- drab existence, contrasts the matrons white hat
        1. Sloping brick layout - suggests sinking building and decreipt
          1. 2 oversized windows- shows height and over powering nature of the building
            1. Empty branches of trees outside the windows- room is high up , no leaves suggest its winter
              1. Crack through centre stage - walls crumbling , old building , drab and dirty
                1. Clock in centre stage - emphasis when the clock strikes 12
                2. Frozen Lake (2nd)
                  1. Large circular shape at the back of the stage - shape of eye, imagery that the dancers are being watched through Claras eye.
                    1. Large floating feather above dancers - dream-like , pillow feather , sleeping imagery
                      1. Upstage projection of pale blue and white clouds - nice day , small fluffy clouds
                      2. By invitation only (3rd)
                        1. Mouth shaped entrance - idea of food into the mouth ( gobstoppers, marshmallows etc ) , pink suggests fun and sugary.
                          1. The flat has blue and pink vertical stripes with clouds on top - connects to previous use of clouds , idea of an ideal world up in the clouds
                            1. Uvula and mouth are covered by a mirror - mirrors are narcissistic ; dance is based on poses and getting ready in the mirrors
                            2. The wedding party (4th)
                              1. Large wedding cake (upsatge centre) with 12 dancers , Prince Bon Bon is on top layer and the marshmallow girls on the bottom layer - dancers seem small like deocorations
                                1. 10 candles , various silver bows - candles are the main form of lighting as the final scene opens
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