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Information on the lighting, set design, costumes and a motif for the Nutcracker dance
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Lighting: Terminology Wash - is a scattered light that colours the floor Spotlight - creates a sharp focus of light Cyc flood - only lights the backdrop Gobo - is like a stencil that creates a pattern of light -Sidelights are mysterious -Light is never dull, dark or dim. It's high, low or medium intensity
Lighting: Nutcracker Knickerbocker glory in By Invitation Only -Violet cyc backdrop -Deep blue overhead wash -Bright, high intensity, white spotlight This creates an effect of: -Manipulative -Seductive -Controlling -Eerie mood
Accompaniment: Knickerbocker Glory Knickerbocker glory in By Invitation Only -Slow and repatative creates a hypnotic atmosphere -Clarinet sounds like a snake charmer, undulates and intertwine to show that he's a snake -Main melody supports slithering movements -Shakers rattle like a rattlesnake as a warning -Increasing dynamics help narrative as Clara falls under his spell
Set Design: Orphanage The Orphanage -Tall window stage right -Floor checkered white and grey -Upstage 5 metallic hospital beds -Large Grandfather clock centre -Walls have large geometric shapes with zigzag cracks and 2 pillars
Set Design: By Invitation Only -Same orphanage floors and walls to show that it is a dream -Two backdrops -First backdrop has vertical pink and blue stripes with white whispy clouds -Large pink sparkly lips with teeth frame the entrance to sweetieland -Inside of lips cut out to reveal the second, pink backdrop with tonsils
Costume: Gobstoppers Costume -3 boys are yellow, pink an blue -Bright yellow t-shirt with a target on it -Black sleevless leather jacket with silver studs -Black 3/4 length jeans -Yellow Doc martin style boots with black laces
Costume: Marshmallow Girls -Baby pink halter neck mini dresses with white pom poms stuck on -Pink ostrich feather hats -White pom pom earings
Motif: Knickerbockerbocker Glory -Roll up slowly facing stage left -Slow melt into a lunge -Twist toward the audience until you're in a sidewards plank with right arm sticking up -Fold arm down and then replace whilst bending your right leg at the same time -Thread your right arm under your left arm and roll -Hip lift at the end of the roll -Sit upright with left leg bent and right arm circles over the head and then glides to the front -REMEMBER to include diagrams
Nutcracker: Themes -Fantasy -Clara's dream -Growing up -Love -Sexual awakening
Nutcracker: Stimulus -Original Ballet -Tchaikovsky music -Victorian childhood
Nutcracker: Costume Designer Anthony Ward
Nutcracker: Movement Style -Mainly Contemporary (flat feet, floor work, arched back) -Some Ballet (Matron mime meaning let's dance) -Exaggerated gestures (licking gestures during the wedding) -Spanish flamenco (liquorice allsorts. Characterised by angular elbows and stamping feet)
Nutcracker: Lighting Designer Howard Harrison
Nutcracker: Set Designer Anthony Ward
Nutcracker: Composer Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky
Nutcracker: Choreographer Matthew Bourne
Nutcracker: First Performance Adventures in Motion Pictures - 24 dancers 1992
Nutcracker: Structure and Staging -2 acts with 9 episodes Proscenium
Nutcracker: Choreographic Style -A reworking of the traditional ballet -Narrative and comic
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