Pre Columbian America and Early European Settlement


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Pre Columbian America and Early European Settlement
  1. Pre Columbian America
    1. Early Migrations
      1. Paleo-Indians from Eurasia
        1. Bering Strait Theory
          1. Beringia
        2. Regions and their Cultures
          1. Meso America and South America
            1. Olmecs
              1. Oldest complex societies in SA
                1. Had a writing system
                2. Mayans
                  1. Math, astronomy, concept of 0
                    1. Made calendars and predicted the end of the world
                    2. Aztecs
                      1. Capital at Tenochtitlan on Lake Texcoco
                        1. Were in power when the Spaniards arrived
                          1. Sacrifices
                          2. Incans
                            1. Cusco (capital), Peru, Machu Picchu
                              1. Largest empire in the Americas
                            2. North West Coast
                              1. Kwakiutls and Chincoks
                                1. Fishing and hunting
                                  1. Long houses and totem poles
                                  2. South West
                                    1. Hohokam, Anasazi, Pueblos
                                      1. Built settlements into the sides of cliffs and canyons
                                        1. Choco Canyon
                                      2. Great Plains
                                        1. Sparsely populated
                                          1. Chased buffalos for clothes and food
                                          2. Midwest
                                            1. Adena, Hopewell, Cahokia, Mississippian people
                                            2. Caribbean Islanders
                                              1. Tainos, Guanahatabeys, Caribs, Arawaks
                                              2. Northeast
                                                1. Farming techniques exhausted the soil
                                                  1. But had abundant food sources
                                                  2. Matrilineal society
                                                    1. Iroquois Confederation
                                                      1. Mohawk Valley of NY
                                                        1. Seneca, Cayuga, Onondaga, Oneida, and Mohawk
                                                    2. By 1492
                                                      1. Population of ~70m
                                                        1. Agricultural based society
                                                          1. More food = less concentration on agriculture required = more specialization
                                                      2. Early European Settlement
                                                        1. Factors that lead to European Exploration
                                                          1. Mercantilism
                                                            1. Exposure to Asia
                                                              1. Large Nation States
                                                                1. Crusades
                                                                  1. End of Mongols
                                                                    1. They had a lot land controlled by one empire
                                                                      1. Once they fell apart it was harder to travel from Europe to Asia by crossing through different people's territories
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