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  1. Bartelome de las casas
    1. Plymouth Plantation
      1. Anglican Church
        1. Captain John Smith
          1. Encomienda System
            1. In colonial Spanish America, a system by which the Spanish crown defined the status of the Indian population in colonies
              1. An encomienda consisted of a grant by the crown of a specified number of Indians living in an area
              2. Led to the exploitation of Native Americans by the Spanish
                1. Caused a rapid decline that decimated populations
                  1. Led to a caste system in the Spanish New world
                2. Laws of 1452- regulated the treatment of Native Americans on the Encomiendas
                3. Indians: adena-hopewell, Hokokam/Anasazi/Pueblos, Woodland mound builders
                  1. Mound-holding culture that emerged in the Ohio Valley c. 400 BC
                    1. smaller mounds in which they lived and had graves-led to Hopewell, more complex than Adena
                    2. This type of mound-building and culture as well as religion/technology spreas far and wide
                    3. Virginia Company of London. aka the Virginia Company. aka the London Company
                      1. Juan Gines de Sepulveda
                        1. Separatists
                          1. Mayflower compact
                            1. Protestant Reformation
                              1. Roanoke/Sir Walter Raleigh
                                1. Joint stock company
                                  1. Asiento
                                    1. "permission" by the Spanish government to other colonies to sell people as slaves to the Spanish colonies between 1543-1834
                                      1. Spanish used to use the Native Americans for this, but they were quickly dying because of the diseases that African slaves were immune to
                                        1. Bartolome de las Casas- Spoke out against the atrocities of the Encomienda system (and treatment of Native Americans)
                                        2. Captain John Rolfe
                                          1. Manitou
                                            1. Conquistadors
                                              1. Conqueror of Spain (ex. Columbus)
                                                1. Claimed land for Spain
                                                2. Became the "leaders" of the land that they conquered in place of the King and Queen of Spain
                                                  1. Encomeinda system-the system by which the Spanish crown defitabned the status of the Indian population, it was established by Conquistadors
                                                  2. iroquois League
                                                    1. Reciprocity
                                                      1. Headrights/ Head right system
                                                        1. William Bradford, of Plymouth Plantation
                                                          1. Elizabeth I
                                                            1. Treaty of Tordesillas
                                                              1. - Signed by Isabella/King John II of Portugal in 1492
                                                                1. It drew a line in the mid-atlantic dividing all future discoveries between Spain and Portugal
                                                                2. Limited land to be claimed by others, but was later ignored
                                                                  1. Christopher Columbus-Land became the important issue when Columbus discovered the potential for resources and wealth
                                                                  2. Virginia Company of Plymouth Company aka the Plymouth Company
                                                                    1. Algonquian
                                                                      1. New Laws of 1452
                                                                        1. Spanish laws to prevent the exploitation of the indigenous peoples of the Americas by the Encomenderos (large enterprise land owners) by strictly limiting their power
                                                                          1. Led to the use of Africans as slaves instead of Native Americans
                                                                            1. Bartolome de Las casas-His writings brought the atrocities that were being committed to the attenwion to the Spanish crown
                                                                            2. Puritans aka congregationalists
                                                                              1. Pochahontas
                                                                                1. Columbian Exchange
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