Anna Garcia


This is my mind map for the Anna Garcia murder case.
Mind Map by HALEY DYAR, updated more than 1 year ago
Created by HALEY DYAR over 8 years ago

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Anna Garcia
  1. Fingerprint
    1. 16" from body
      1. Anna's or the killers.
    2. Footprint
      1. 24" from body
      2. Table
        1. 17" from head
        2. Needle
          1. 7" from body
            1. Legal or non-legal?
          2. Alex Garcia
            1. Ex-husband. Remarried and expecting baby.
              1. Has financial problems and is Anna's insurance beneficiary.
                1. Could've killed her for the money
            2. Hair
              1. 36" from body
                1. Anna's or killers
              2. Cup
                1. 14" from head
                  1. Knocked off table, possibly being used to take medicine.
                2. Pill
                  1. 8" from body
                    1. Could be for her back pain.
                  2. Erica Piedmont
                    1. Alex's wife & mother of baby.
                      1. Was seen outside Anna's house.
                        1. Erica and Alex were seen arguing.
                          1. Someone might have a bad temper.
                    2. Doug Greene
                      1. Anna's neighbor and friend. Recently romanitcally involved.
                        1. Stated Anna live alone with no family close by.
                      2. Lucy leffingwell
                        1. Anna's best friend and business partner.
                          1. They'd recently been arguing over the bakery.
                            1. Anna was recently in the hospital and complained of back pain.
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