Processing a Crime Scene


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Processing a Crime Scene
  1. Examine
    1. Systematic Search Method
      1. Obtain an overview of the legend of the crime scene.
        1. Find and mark any evidence.
      2. Interview
        1. Establish Theory of Case
          1. What happened?
            1. Did a crime take place?
              1. How was the crime committed?
            2. Collect Evidence
              1. Further analyzed by a crime laboratory.
                1. Tampering must not be present.
                2. Establish that a crime has been committed.
                  1. Create a link between a crime and its victim or perpetrator.
                  2. Sketch
                    1. Record
                      1. Layout of the crime scene.
                        1. Exact position of the victim if there is one.
                          1. Evidence within the crime scene.
                          2. Diagram
                            1. Legend
                              1. Conditions
                                1. Scale
                                  1. Key
                                2. Photograph
                                  1. A ruler or common object to clearly show scale.
                                    1. Up-close and high quality.
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