The Great Gatsby


A mind map of The Great Gatsby
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The Great Gatsby
  1. F. Scott Fitzgerald
    1. considered the American dream both vulgar and dazzingly promising
      1. contridictory
      2. alcoholic
      3. Themes
        1. Betrayal
          1. Hedonism
            1. Truth and deception
              1. Dreams
                1. Love
                  1. Morality
                    1. Time
                    2. The 1920's
                      1. The American Dream
                        1. Jazz age/ Roaring 20's/ Aspirin Age
                          1. Prohibition
                            1. The Great Depression
                              1. Social Structure
                                1. Old money
                                  1. New money
                                  2. Gangsters
                                  3. Characters
                                    1. Nick Carraway
                                      1. Tom Buchanan
                                        1. Daisy Buchanan
                                          1. Jay Gatsby
                                            1. Myrtle Wilson
                                              1. George Wilson
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