Solutions to climate change


mindmap for solutions to climate change
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Solutions to climate change
  1. Home
    1. Efficient light bulbs
      1. Efficient Appliances
        1. Use Clothes Line
          1. Conserve Water
            1. Conserve electricity
            2. Community
              1. Recycling "dumpster"
                1. Plant trees
                  1. Pick up trash
                    1. No Pesticides
                    2. Consumer
                      1. Grow own vegetables
                        1. Dont waste paper
                          1. No wood
                            1. Buy energy efficient products
                              1. Consume Less
                                1. Eat Organic
                                2. Education
                                  1. Learn how to use resources efficiently
                                    1. Roots and Shoots
                                      1. Research alternatives
                                      2. Travel
                                        1. Walk
                                          1. Ride a Bike
                                            1. Stop flying
                                              1. Carpool
                                                1. Public Transport
                                                  1. Fuel efficient cars
                                                  2. Advocate
                                                    1. Social Media
                                                      1. Vote
                                                        1. Join Green Organizations
                                                          1. Make Posters and Flyers
                                                            1. Get Friends and Family Involved
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