Food Safety 5


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Food Safety 5
  1. Temperature in Danger Zone: 5oC - 63oC
    1. Called Danger Zone - Where bacteria multiplies quickest
    2. 4 examples of when food may be in DZ
      1. Left standing in a room
        1. Left in sunlight e.g. shop window
          1. Being delivered and stored
            1. Heated slowly
            2. 4 examples of poor practice with temps of food
              1. Cooling food slowly before refridgeration
                1. Reheating food inadequately
                  1. Under-cooking meat and poultry
                    1. Preparing food too far ahead of sale
                    2. Core Temperature: Temp at the thickest part of the food
                      1. 6 ways of keeping food out of DZ
                        1. Cooking food thoroughly
                          1. Serving hot food 63oC or hotter
                            1. Make sure food is a safe temperature when delivering
                              1. Keep food refrigerated until just before serving
                                1. Reheating food adequately
                                  1. Cooling food as rapidly as possible
                                  2. Workers must be:
                                    1. trained: how to check and record the temperature
                                      1. Informed: what temperatures are unsafe
                                        1. Instructed: what to do if a reading is unsafe
                                        2. Food Probe
                                          1. Temperature measuring device used to check food temperatures
                                            1. Checking probe is working: Put in boiling water for 10 seconds and check probe says 100oC
                                              1. Clean and disinfect probe to stop bacteria spreading
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