Causes of the Great Depression


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Causes of the Great Depression
  1. Post WWI Economic Boom
    1. Business production grew faster than demand
      1. Families took out loans to buy cars and home appliances
        1. Overspeculation and risky investments in the stock market
          1. Market loses value on Oct. 24
            1. Nervous people flock to banks to withdraw money
              1. Banks could not come up with the cash and fail
                1. Low consumer confidence in the economy
                  1. Investors sell their shares
                    1. The Stock Market Crash of 1929
                    2. Consumers cut spending to save money
                      1. Sales fall
                        1. Businesses cut production
                          1. Workers are laid off
                            1. Unemployment reduces demand
                              1. Demand goes down further
                                1. Businesses cut production further
                                  1. More unemployment
                                    1. Families cannot pay off debts
                                      1. The Great Depression
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