Origins of Psychology


An overview of the origins and history of psychology.
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Origins of Psychology
  1. Origin of Psychology
    1. Wundt
      1. Consciousness
        1. Awareness of immediate experience
          1. William James
            1. Functionalism
              1. Function & purpose of consciousness
                1. "Stream of consciousness"
              2. Titchner
                1. Structuralism
                  1. Separate consciousness into parts
                    1. "Static points"
                  2. John B. Watson
                    1. Behavioralism
                      1. Observable responses/activities
                        1. Study what can be directly observed
                          1. Scientific method based on this verification
                            1. B.F. Skinner
                              1. Enviromental Factors influence behaviour
                                1. "No such thing as free will"
                                  1. Responses are a result of previous conditioning
                                2. Locus of behaviour is in the brain
                                3. Nurture > Nature
                                  1. Genetic inheritances or environment & experience
                                    1. Influences behaviour
                                    2. Nuture
                                      1. Stimulus is a detectable input from the environment
                                        1. Stimulus Response Technology
                                          1. "Change the environment and you can change the person" - B.F. Skinner
                                          2. Nature
                                            1. Biological make up of a person
                                              1. Inheritable characteristics through generations
                                        2. Sigmund Freud
                                          1. Unconscious mind
                                            1. Below the surface of conscious awareness
                                              1. Influence on actions and behaviours
                                              2. Unconscious conflict plays a role in behavior
                                                1. Affected by sexuality
                                                2. Psychoanalytical Theory
                                                  1. Attempts to explain personality and conditions of the subconscious by focusing on unconscious determinants of behaviour
                                                    1. People are not the masters of their own mind
                                                    2. Humanism
                                                      1. Emphasizes the unique qualities of humans
                                                        1. Freedom, potential for personal growth
                                                        2. Opposed psychoanalytical theory
                                                    3. Donald Hebb
                                                      1. Cognition
                                                        1. Mental processes involved in acquiring knowledge
                                                        2. Locus of behaviour is in the brain
                                                          1. Repeated stimulation leads to development of cell assemblies that facilitate behaviour
                                                      2. Applied Psychology
                                                        1. Concerned with everyday life and practical problems
                                                        2. Clinical Psychology
                                                          1. Diagnosis and treatment of psychological problems and disorders
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