Main People in Medicine Through Time


A mind map of the main people in the AQA medicine through time spec
Holly Bamford
Mind Map by Holly Bamford, updated more than 1 year ago
Holly Bamford
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Main People in Medicine Through Time
  1. Renaissance
    1. Pare
      1. Vesalius
        1. Harvey
        2. Ancient
          1. Galen
            1. Hippocrates
            2. Medieval
              1. Rhazes
                1. Avicenna
                  1. Paracelsus
                  2. Industrial
                    1. Jenner
                      1. Koch
                        1. Pasteur
                          1. Semmelweis
                            1. Chadwick
                              1. Snow
                              2. Age of Enlightenment
                                1. Nightingale
                                  1. Seacole
                                  2. 20th Century
                                    1. Fleming
                                      1. Florey and Chain
                                        1. Beveridge
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