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Triple alliance and the triple entente AQA
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What year was the Triple Alliance formed? 1882
Which countries were involved in the Triple Alliance? Germany, Austria-Hungary and Italy
Who created the Triple Alliance? Bismark
Why did they sign the Triple Alliance? Germany was worried the French wanted revenge, so signed the DEFENSIVE alliance
What year was the Franco-Russian alliance signed? 1892
Why did they sign the franco-russian alliance? French hatred of germany DEFENSIVE
What year was the entente cordial signed and which countries were involved? 1904 France and Britain
Why was the entente cordiale signed? FRIENDLY About britain allowing france to control morocco and about britains role in egypt
What year was the anglo-russian agreement signed? 1907
Why was the anglo-russian agreement signed? French used it's influence to improve relations between russia and britain. It solved colonial problems between russia and britain
What did these 3 agreements from 1892-1907 create? The triple entente, with Britain, Russia and France
SIGNIFICANCE OF THE ALLIANCES Europe was divided into 2 power blocks. Germany saw a "policy of encirclement" by the triple entente. Secrecy of the alliances caused distrust and rising tension. Countries were dragged into disputes. Russia worried about Austria's intentions in Balkans.
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