Data Protection Act 1998


Facts about Data Protection Act 1998. Comment below if this helps you:)
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Data Protection Act 1998
  1. Eight rules of the data protection act are....
    1. Personal data should be obtained and processed fairly and lawfully
      1. Personal data can be held only for specified and lawful purpose
        1. Personal data should be adequate, relevant and not excessive for the required purpose
          1. Personal data should be accurate and kept up-to-date
            1. Personal data should not be kept for longer than necessary
              1. Data must be processed in accordance with the rights of the data subject
                1. Appropiate security measures must be taken unauthorised access
                  1. Personal data can't be transferred to countries outside the E.U. unless the country has similar legislation to the data protection act
                  2. Rights
                    1. Right to subject access
                      1. Right to rectify, block or remove incorrect data
                        1. Right to compensation if damage and distress is suffered by the Act being contravened
                          1. Right to prevent processing for the purposes of direct marketing
                            1. Right in relation to automated decision making
                            2. Computer misuse act 1990
                              1. it is illegal to gain unauthorised access to data
                                1. it is illegal to gain unauthorised access and commit crimes
                                  1. it is illegal to change data without permission
                                  2. regulation of investigatory powers act 2000
                                    1. enables the police to carry out surveillance to detect crimes
                                      1. the police can access personal emails
                                        1. police can see sms messgaess
                                          1. police can listen in to phone calls
                                          2. electronic communications act 2000
                                            1. makes sure that all encryption over the internet is carried out correctly
                                              1. computer signatures are now binding like signatures on paper
                                              2. health and safety at work act 1974
                                                1. employers are responsible fro health and safety of their employees legally
                                                  1. all workstations should be inspected regularly for risks
                                                    1. staff should be trained on health and safety matters
                                                      1. eye tests should be provided for free to employees
                                                        1. tasks should be changed regularly to prevent RSI
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