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Youngui Kemoko ICT HOMEWORK One benefit of using wireless connection in the home is that you can share the internet connection and it can also back up files as well as sharing files. In order to share the connection over wireless network the modem has to be connected through the router. When using a wireless network it is very important to secure it because if you don’t then other people are able to access the connection without having to pay for it. Bandwidth is the number of bits that can go through the network connection in just one second. They are measured in bits per second (bps). The benefits of using Wi-Fi connection over a 3G dongle is that there is a good range of Wi-Fi which works up to 60 metres from the hotspot. In addition Wi-Fi is quite widely available even when you are abroad. Therefore you don’t have to pay for it. Whereas, with a 3G dongle, you would have to pay if you would like to roam internet abroad. Wi-Fi directs could become better than Bluetooth because there is a much larger range than Bluetooth. This means that it can be accessible from further away. In addition, Wi-Fi directs has a larger bandwidth. Therefore data transfer is much faster. Post office protocol, also known as POP, in order for the person to read the email, the email has to be downloaded from the mail server to the computer. The email then gets deleted. Whereas with internet access message protocol (which is also known as IAMP), the message gets read by the mail server. However, unlike POP the message does not get deleted at this stage. This means that the email can be viewed online without internet connection. HTTP is the protocol used to upload a podcast on a blog. A firewall is software that blocks connections from your computer under the rules you prefer there to be. Therefore, this is used by people while accessing the internet so that the hackers can’t intercept personal data from the users. Encryption helps keep data secure by it turning on data into a secret code with the key. Therefor only someone who has the key can read the data. In your windows, there is a lock icon where you can press it which now needs to enter your password in order for you to proceed using the computer. This is one physical control that can be used to keep your computer secure. Another physical control method is by locking your keyboards to the desk as well as the computer. Therefore, it can’t be stolen because it is locked to the desk. Fingerprinting is one biometric used because a biometric finger scanner identifies the person by their finger print. These can be a secure method of identifying a person. When selecting an ISP, you need to consider the costs. This is because ISP’s have a monthly fee. In addition, you also need to consider the download limits you will have which is due to the fact that some internet service providers put a limit on what you can download in one month. This means that if you go over your limit, they charge you for it. One advantage of using social networking technology rather than SMS is that with social networking, the messages that you are sending is free. This means that if you were connected to a Wi-Fi hotspot, you are not wasting your data roaming to send free messages. Another advantage of using social networking technology is that if you are in a place where there is no service but there is internet connection, you can send messages through internet on social networks. The widespread of internet use has had an impact on how people communicate with each other because instead of going out to see people, there is now skype which is used to help people communicate via video chatting and it’s all for free. It also has an impact on the number of people who work from home because websites such as YouTube allows you to make videos for people. This means that you if you become successful doing this, you get paid. This is good because you don’t have to go for an interview; you can start right from home. Security questions can be used for authentication when users are logging into an online account so that your account can be private. In addition, if someone else was trying to get into your account and failed at getting in your password, or even you yourself was trying to get on your account but forgot your password, a security question is there for you who would like to personally get into your account as help. A captcha test is where you have to enter numbers and letters shown. Captcha’s are used so that it can check the form of software program which would be known as a ‘bot’. Therefore, it protects systems that could be vulnerable to email spam. The customer has the right to check any personal data an organization holds about the customer can also demand that the data is not used in any way that could harm or distress them because they shouldn’t be allowed to use the customer’s data for any other purpose without their consent. You can get prosecuted if you use illegal copying and sharing of files. Another effect to the music industry of illegal copying and sharing of files could lead you to being put in prison is found guilty. If someone asks you to copy a game you should not do it because that is called copyright infringement and you could get taken to court for that as it is like a crime. Two features of an online shop that would be useful to people wanting to buy books are that they can provide a delivery service as well as being available 24/7. A disadvantage of shopping online rather than going to shops is that, you won’t be able to pay with cash and you could be at risk of not receiving the goods. This means that it could’ve been stolen making it a fraudulent website. Two benefits to the seller who is selling on an online auction website is that they have the ability to search easily for goods that they want and the community of users which builds trust by rating both buyers and sellers. Two advantages of an online account over telephone banking are that you are able to view the transactions as well as viewing up to date bank account details. The benefits of creating an online account for gaming online is that you get to interact with others as well as a computer component. The actions of a character in an online gaming system gets communicated with other players by a central server which runs the game software and then it streams each player’s position and actions to all the players over the internet. You would experience ‘lagging’ in your game if you do not have a high bandwidth low latency internet connection. One advantage of operation online as well as on the high street is that you don’t have to distribute your goods in shops. Another advantage of operating online as well as on the high street is that the organization can be located wherever it would like to be located. One way companies use transactional data is to create personalized marketing such as coupons. Another way in which companies use transactional data is to understand customers’ buying habits and to see the trends in sales. Companies advertise on the internet because they can target particular customers. In addition, it is much cheaper than advertising on television. However, with online advertising, there could be drawbacks such as people ignoring the advert. Another drawback of advertising online is that it can be available all around the world for anyone to copy such as the logo and trademarks. One way you could obtain personal data from potential buyers is by collecting data from the transactional data as well as looking through social networking sites. One benefit of creating a viral advertisement is that it gets passed on and shared from one person to another. This means that the company does not have to pay for advertisement. However, there could be a negative side to viral advertisement because there could be a negative buzz effect to the viral advertisement. This means that if one person does not like the advert and they post negative comments about it, people are not going to do extra research to see whether the information is legit or not. Therefore, the people will take that person’s comment as the truth which as a result makes the business suffer. One way in which a company could use personalization techniques to persuade people to buy their products is by adding related items to what the customer has viewed. In addition, the items that the customer might want to consider viewing. You can pay for clothes online by either using a credit or debit card. However you need to make sure that the website you’re buying clothes from is legit. Therefore, in order to make sure that it is legit, these are what you need to look out for: The URL changing from HTTP to HTTPS. ‘Norton Secured’ which adds a further layer of authentication. You can use the eVoucher by creating an online account and then you enter the unique reference number given on the eVoucher. If you bought a dress in a shop which is distributed in the UK, if it is faulty and it does not suite your satisfactory needs then you can return it because it is the law in the UK for consumer’s rights. This means that you can either get a refund, it can become repaired or it can be replaced. The difference between locally installed software and hosted software is that in locally installed software the user can obtain software on DVD or downloads from the internet, whereas, with the hosted software the user has to log in through the internet to use the software needed. Commercial software producers can respond to free software as a service by making their products more appealing and of better quality. Using online storage instead of local storage could back up your data and some online data storage services are free. Users can refine web searches to improve the validity of results by adding more key words to narrow down the search. Two types of online networking are social networking and blogs. One reason of having an online account with an online community is that it allows you to create a social presence which is your profile. The function of an online workspace allows you to email and chat collaboratively online. Also, the colleagues can all work on the same document because there are shared folder and files. The online workspace has an advantage because it allows you to have a meeting using online conferencing and VolP instead of emailing. One feature of social networking is that it is easy for everyone to create a personal page and it is also an easy way to keep in contact with people. Different social networks have different features because they all have different target audiences. Three features of a user-generated reference site are: The charges made can be tracked to see who contributed. There are hyperlinked pages and images. Users can add and edit the content. One function of a social bookmarking site is that it allows users to add bookmarks also known as web links and can therefore share these bookmarks with others. One way in which ICT is changing the way knowledge is created is spreadsheets- they are used to create ideas and solve problems. Another way in which ICT is changing the way knowledge is created is that information is constantly updated and is open for improvement, for example, Wikipedia. The internet helps people to work collaboratively because those who are working in a group make the work get done quicker. In addition, users can help each other solve problems when working collaboratively on the internet. One way in which the internet is used for socializing is social networking and it also allows you to get in touch with old friends on websites. If someone threatens you online you could report it to the organization. You can collaborate globally through social networking and also through video chatting. Another type of wireless connectivity to access online workspace is wireless LAN.

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