Question 3 (Unit 7)


NOTES for Unit 7 exam (second year) of applied science 2018. using the applied science student book 1 for notes pg142-148. related to Q3 - discuss whether article 3 has made valid judgement (12 marks)
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Question 3 (Unit 7)
  1. validity - how wel a particular investigation measures what it claims to measure
    1. sources
      1. single sourced website
        1. self publisications
        2. Bias
          1. I, me, my opinion
            1. self-made sources
          2. Reliability - a measure of how trustworthy the evidence or data may bi in an investigation or research.
            1. sources/references
              1. the Organisation, author
                1. Governing bodies are more reliable then charity/lobbing groups
                  1. Sinlge author or company
                    1. is the author real.
                      1. is the issue there area of study. Dr. Pro. Scientist.
                    2. Date
                      1. resent study/book/weblink
                        1. is it outdated in relation to a topic that is talking about resent studies.
                      2. Linked/in text citation
                        1. what afcts or quotes link to this source
                          1. if the sorce is not reliable then is the information linked to tis source reliable.
                            1. impact on judgement/conclusion
                        2. Data
                          1. primary or secondary
                            1. affects the bias (validity) if primary
                              1. reliable sources of secondary data
                              2. years
                                1. size of sample taken
                                  1. gender
                                    1. age brackets
                                    2. over how many days, months, years
                                    3. sources
                                      1. was information sourced from government, individual, or organisation
                                        1. how long occur was this fact applicable
                                          1. is the table referenced to a valid source
                                          2. statistics, graphs, diagrams.
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