Qualitative and Quantative Analysis in Chromatography


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Qualitative Analysis Any method of identifying the chemical components in a sample.
Quantitative Analysis Working out how much of a given chemical component there is in a sample.
Chromatography The separation of the components of a mixture dissolved in a liquid or gas (the mobile phase) carrying it through a structure holding the stationary phase.
Adsorbent Often used to describe the stationary phase in chromatography because substances become adsorbed to it during separation.
Adsorption When a substance (e.g. a gas, liquid or solute) binds to or attaches to another, usually solid.
Polar A polar (hydrophilic) substance will dissolve in or mix with water.
Elution To wash out. In column chromatography this means 'washing out' a substance that has become adsorbed to the column (stationary phase).
Eluent The solvent (mobile phase) used to wash substances out of a column.
Eluate The mobile phase, containing dissolved substances, as it emerges from a column.
Gas Chromatography (GC) A separation technique using an inert carrier gas as the mobile phase and a thin layer of liquid or polymer on an inert solid support as the stationary phase.
High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) A type of column chromatography that uses very small particles and high pressures to achieve better separation. It can be used for analysis or, on a larger scale, for purification.
Gel Electrophoresis The use of an electric field for separation of compounds based on differences in their charge and size. Usually for DNA.
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