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Identify the functions of the nucleus. Controls cell activity Contains genetic material.
What is a type of eukaryotic cell ? animal or plant cell.
what is the function of the mitochondria? an organelle where aerobic respiration takes place.
what is an organelle? Specialised structures found within a living cell.
What is the function of a chloroplast? a plant organelle where photosynthesis takes place.
What is the function of ribosomes? Protein synthesis.
How can you tell the difference between the RER and the SER? RER is embedded with ribosomes SER has no ribosomes.
What is the structure of the golgi apparatus? A stack of membrane bound flattened sacks.
What is the function of the nucleolus ? Makes RNA and ribosomes.
What is the function of the cytoplasm? The place where metabolic reactions take place.
What is the structure of the cell membrane? a phospholipid bilayer, embedded with proteins.
What is the function of vesicles? To transport materials around and out the cell.
What are lysosomes? Specialised vesicles that contain digestive enzymes that break down waste material from inside the cell.
What are centrioles? They form spindles that pull apart chromosomes during cell division.
What is exocytosis? The process of vesicles fusing with the plasma membrane and secreting it's contents.
What is the cell wall made of? Cellulose.
What is the function of the cell wall? Protects and supports each cell and the whole plant.
What is a vacuole? Membrane bound sac containing cell sap that maintain a turgid structure to the cell.
What is the tonoplast? It is the partially permeable membrane of the vacuole.
What is an amyloplast? A double membrane-bound sac containing starch granules.
What is the function of the amyloplast? Responsible for the synthesis and storage of starch granules.
What is a plasmodesmata? Channels within the cell wall of plant cells which enables transport and communication between plant cells.
What are the pits inside plant cells? Pores in the cell walls of the xylem that allows water to enter and leave the xylem vessels.
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