legal, ehtical, cultural and environmental concerns of computer science
Trinity McCarthy
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Trinity McCarthy
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  1. legal
    1. open source and proprietary software
      1. open source software is software that is free and user modifiable. the source code is accessible and can be released if modified. they must be released under the same rights as it was originally downloaded. the source code becomes property of the user once it is downloaded
        1. examples; linux, open office, firefox, vlc media player.
        2. proprietary software is software that is not user modifiable and normally is not free. the source code is not acsessible, and remains property of the creator
          1. examples: microsoft windows, adobe flash player, itunes, google earth.
        3. legislation relevant to computer science
          1. computer misuse act
            1. copyright designs and patents act
              1. data protection act
            2. ethical
              1. environmental
                1. cultural
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