Year 11 Dance Mind Map on Infra, created by Lois Kennerley on 19/10/2017.
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Lois Kennerley
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  1. Choreographer: Wayne McGregor
    1. Choreographer of Royal Ballet - 2006
      1. first contemporary choreographer to hold the post
      2. Multiple award winner
      3. Company = The royal Ballet
        1. Premiere = 13th November 2008, Royal Opera House, London
          1. Dance Style = Contemporary ballet
            1. 12 dancers
              1. but brief appearance of a crowd
              2. Duration = 28 minutes
                1. Aural Setting
                  1. Music by Max Richter
                    1. Sound design by Chris Ekers
                      1. mixes melancholy string melodies + electronic sounds + everyday sounds, e.g; train whistle
                      2. Costume
                        1. by Mortiz Junge
                          1. Fitted shorts, vest, t-shirts in flesh, black, white, grey colours for the dancers
                            1. One female = short wrap-around skirt
                              1. One male = long trousers
                                1. females wear pointe shoes
                                  1. street clothes worn for crowd
                                  2. Lighting
                                    1. By Lucy carter
                                      1. relates closely to the structure
                                        1. lights width of stage + often focuses down stage
                                          1. occasionally dancers lit by shafts of light
                                            1. one point 6 rectangles of light frame 6 duets
                                            2. Structure
                                              1. solos
                                                1. duets
                                                  1. ensembles
                                                    1. many arresting moments
                                                      1. e.g; 6 couples dance duets in six squares of light and a crowd surges across the stage unaware of a woman's grief
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