Types of Data


This concept map is a resume of the Chapter 1.2 of the book "Logical Thinking"
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Types of Data
  1. Facts and statistics collected together for reference or analysis
      1. Numerical
        1. Alphanumerical
          1. Audiovisual
            1. Physical
              1. taken from environment
                1. temperature, blood pressure...
              2. listen or watch for instance
                1. voice, graphs, drawings, video...
              3. combination of numbers, letters
                1. not used for arithmetic operations
              4. positive or negative numbers
                1. logic/arithmetical operations
            2. PROCESS
              1. Data entry
                1. input device
                  1. RAM
                  2. Data processing
                    1. performs arithmetic/logical operations
                      1. transforms information
                        1. stored in RAM
                      2. Output generation
                        1. information displayed
                          1. output device
                  3. Types of Data
                    1. SIMPLE
                      1. Numeric
                        1. INTEGER
                          1. positive/negative
                            1. no decimals
                          2. REAL
                            1. positive/negative
                              1. decimals
                          3. Logic
                            1. Boolean
                              1. true/false
                            2. Character
                              1. Digits, letters, symbols
                                1. no arithmetic operations
                        2. Daniela Jiménez Díaz
                          1. A01630788
                            1. Group 8
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