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Nixon Orlando Jaramillo Lara
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  • Data for needs analysis
  • Data is any information collected, stored, and processed to produce and validate original research results. Might be used to prove or disprove a theory,
  •  Primary information.
  •  Secondary Information
  •  Surveys
  •  Observation
  •  Expectations
  •  Language Samples
  •  Focus Groups
  •  Interviews
  •  Documents
  •  Literature
  • Qualitative research method
  • Relies on asking questions
  • Involve two or more people
  • There are several types
  • Data from a predefined group
  • Insights into various topics of interest
  • Can have multiple purposes
  • Ways depending on the methodology
  • Researchers observe within a specific research field or sub-field
  • Sometimes referred to as an unobtrusive
  • Purpose of observation is to find out ‘what is going ?`
  • Is a form of reactivity that occurs when a research subject expects a given result
  • Reports the expected result
  • Brings together a small group of people to answer questions
  • Group is chosen due to predefined demographic traits
  • The questions are designed to shed light on a topic of interest
  • Focus groups are a type of qualitative research.
  • Research conducted through the use of official documents
  • Personal documents as the source of information
  • Documents can include anything from the following
  • Newspapers
  • Stamps
  • Diaries
  •  Comprehensive summary of previous research
  • Surveys scholarly articles, books, and other sources
  • Excellent way of synthesizing research findings
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