WF sends Initial File - sent on Fridays weekly.


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WF sends Initial File - sent on Fridays weekly.
  1. TMs submit their callouts for approval. They upload the information to Sharepoint- by Monday noon
    1. Review request for approaval.
      1. Request Approved
        1. NO - the CSA will be informed.
          1. YES - It will be plotted on the callouts.
            1. MVD send callouts before Monday EOD.
              1. WF will send the Pre-Final file for approval before creating the commits. OT will also be requested. Information should be sent by Tuesday 15:00 EST.
                1. MVD receives the Pre-Final to confirm changes have been reflected.
                  1. WF builds Final file and sends the information of EWFM (Agent check in). Commits will be sent to Client. By Wednesday EOD.
                    1. Daily Payroll Compilation is built.
                      1. The summary information from CSC is downloaded for Daily Payroll Compilation. This last file is modified based on CSC data and EWFM.
                        1. Daily Attendance Report pasted on Monthly file as Raw Data.
                      2. Daily MVD Attendance File is built.
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