Types of Data


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Types of Data
  1. Data Classification
    1. Numerical
      1. Integer, decimal, positive and negative numbers
        1. used for arithmetic and logic operations
      2. Physical
        1. This kind of data is obtained from the environment.
          1. Like: temperature, light intensity, blood pressure or even weight
        2. Audiovisual
          1. Images sound video
          2. Alphanumerical
            1. text
              1. Any combination of characters like numbers, letters or special characters
                1. Itzel Cruz Rivera A01631043 Group 8 Types of data
          3. Data is Information
            1. Steps: Processing data
              1. 1-Entry
                1. To introduce data into a computer you need INPUT DEVICES
                  1. References Cárdenas, D. Esparza, M. Muñoz, A. Muñoz, O. Quezada, S. Del Vivar, V. (2016). Logical Thinking (Version 2).
                2. 3-Generating an output
                  1. 2-Processing
                3. Data is STORED in RAM using:
                  1. Constants (never change)
                    1. Restrictions to name them
                      1. - Start with letter
                        1. Use: Numbers, letters and underscores
                          1. No spacing
                            1. The name is related with your topic
                              1. Max: 255 charachters
                            2. Variables (can change)
                            3. Complex
                              1. Structured
                              2. Simple
                                1. Logic
                                  1. Boolean
                                  2. Numeric
                                    1. Real
                                      1. Decimals
                                        1. Can be negative or positive
                                      2. Integer
                                        1. No decimals
                                      3. Alphanumeric
                                        1. Character
                                          1. Only ONE letter, digit or special character
                                            1. not for arithmetic calculations
                                          2. String
                                            1. A group of characters
                                              1. can be group of numbers (NOT for calculations), like a phone number
                                        2. space
                                          1. Assign value to constant and variable
                                            1. Use assignation operation.
                                              1. Represented by :
                                                1. Example
                                                  1. Variable-----------Value Speed Distance/time
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