The Merchant of Venice Relationships


Continuing our learning series on the Merchant of Venice. This chart is a handy device for understanding the main characters in the play and how they are linked. Useful as a study tool for preparing for exams.
Antonia Blankenberg
Flowchart by Antonia Blankenberg, updated more than 1 year ago
Antonia Blankenberg
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Resource summary

Flowchart nodes

  • Antonio
  • Bassanio
  • Shylock
  • Jessica
  • Portia
  • Nerissa
  • Graziano
  • Salarino Solanio Salerio
  • Tubal
  • Prince of Morocco Prince of Arragon
  • Owes money to
  • In love with
  • Father of
  • Friend of 
  • Friend and responsible for the debt of
  • In love with
  • Propose to
  • Waiting-maid for
  • Friend of
  • Friends of
  • Lorenzo
  • In love with
  • Friend of
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