Awaiting the Messiah


Awaiting the Messiah: Messianic expectation
Anne Barry-Murphy
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Anne Barry-Murphy
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  • Prophets:  Holy men and women who carried messages from God
  • Jews were ruled by the Persian, the Greeks and then the Romans
  • The Jews yearned for freedom 
  • The Messiah:  The Anointed One
  • In Ancient Judaism all new leaders, such as kings and High Priests were anointed with blessed oil
  • Anointing was a sign that they were chosen by God for an important task
  • Reign of King David was a golden age of freedom for the Jews.  Looked forward to freedom in the future
  • Messianic expectation: hope of the Jewish people that a new leader, a Messiah, would bring them to freedom
  • All Jews lived in hope that Messiah would arrive and bring peace
  • By 1CE all Jews believed that the Messiah would be:a powerful king like figure; would free them from foreign rulers & bring God's peace and justice to all
  • Today:  Christians believe that Jesus is the Messiah while Jews believe that the Messiah has yet to come
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