GCSE French - Parts of the Body


All the parts of the body vocabulary needed for GCSE French (Higher Tier), taken from the GCSE French Vocab Book by CGP
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Parts of the body Good luck!
La bouche Mouth
La voix Voice
Le doigt Finger
La peau Skin
Le visage Face
Le bras Arm
L'os Bone
La tête Head
Le ventre Tummy
Le cerveau Brain
L'oreille Ear
Le talon Heel
Les chevaux Hair
Le pied Foot
Le sang Blood
L'ongle Nail
Le coeur Heart
Le poing Fist
Le nez Nose
La main Hand
Le corps Body
Les dents Teeth
Les lèvres Lips
La jambe Leg
Le dos Back
L'estomac Stomach
Le cou Neck
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