A Christmas Carol - Charles Dickens


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A Christmas Carol - Charles Dickens
  1. Primary Characters
    1. Ebenezer Scrooge
      1. Jacob Marley
        1. The Ghost of Christmas Past
          1. The Ghost of Christmas Present
            1. The Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come
            2. Secondary Characters
              1. Bob Cratchit
                1. Tiny Tim
                  1. Belle
                    1. Ignorance & Want
                      1. Scrooge's father
                        1. Mr Fezziwig
                          1. Fan
                          2. Background
                            1. English writer, social critic, regarded as the greatest novelist of the Victorian Period
                              1. Born: Feb 7. 1812 and Died: June 9, 1870
                                1. Created the most memorable fictional characters of all time
                                  1. Heavy in biblical references - reward vs punishment - no way of making amends
                                    1. Imagery - light vs dark, cold vs warmth
                                      1. Didactic tale with the purpose of teaching a lesson
                                        1. Doom - french revolution - "a bloody mess"
                                        2. Genre
                                          1. Novella
                                            1. Parable - like an analogy
                                              1. Social criticism
                                                1. Ghost story
                                                  1. Morality tale/fable
                                                  2. Themes
                                                    1. Festivity and Celebration
                                                      1. Family and Friendship
                                                        1. Poverty and Charity
                                                          1. Social Responsibility
                                                            1. Death and Afterlife
                                                              1. Generosity and Altruism
                                                                1. Capitalist time and Epiphanies
                                                                  1. Critique of Victorian Society
                                                                    1. The true spirit of Christmas
                                                                      1. True humanity
                                                                        1. The importance of Memory
                                                                          1. Redemption
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